Belle's Story

Belle McIntyre is a six year old little girl who lives in Canterbury in Kent with her Mum Selena, Dad Ben and three sisters Holly, Abigail and Marie. In early 2011, four year old Belle started to appear under the Belleweather. She lost her appetite, complained of tummy pains and was very tired and lethargic. Numerous trips to the GP eventually led to a series of x-rays and scans which in turn led to a catastrophic diagnosis - Belle has High Risk Neuroblastoma at Stage 4. Neuroblastoma is a rare childhood cancer which affects fewer than 100 children in the UK each year. This very aggressive cancer is notoriously difficult to treat and the treatment is long, very difficult and at times highly experimental.

Belle was enrolled on a clinical trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton and there began a gruelling two year period of treatment. Belle has undergone chemotherapy, surgery, stem-cell transplant, radiation, immunotherapy, more chemotherapy and most recently MIBG therapy.belle

Throughout this process Belle has been a little star. She is bright, funny and incredibly brave. The whole family has shown amazing strength and resilience during this difficult time and they are an inspiration to us all. I am delighted to report that at the time of writing Belle is doing well. She has completed her treatment for now and is enjoying a spell of normality, going to school, playing with her sisters and looking forward to a family trip to Florida courtesy of the wonderful “Make a Wish” Charity.Belle

Belle is Jimmy’s great, great granddaughter and Alistair’s granddaughter. She is the inspiration for this appeal to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Treatment options for Neuroblastoma in the UK are extremely limited compared to the USA and other European Countries and many parents are forced to try to raise money so that they can travel abroad with their children to receive life-saving treatments. The work carried out by Cancer Research UK is essential to develop treatments for this terrible disease which can be carried out here in the UK.

I hope you have found Belle’s story interesting and that you feel inspired to support the “Jimmy’s Footsteps” Appeal. You can use this website to learn about events, to make a donation or to get involved in a number of way.

Thank you from Jimmy, Alistair and Belle!

Belle's pics

Belle's p[ics